Fausto Capozzi
Rome Division Business Manager

Fausto Capozzi, 35, developed his career in our sector working for 15 years in a company providing services for events and congresses, where he was in charge of developing technological solutions and systems: attendees’ access control, interactive digital kiosks, development of IT solutions for conference secretariats and software management. When he met StudioVisio they quickly understood his value and, in 2018, they founded OnTime Ltd. The company closed its first year of activity with a large client portfolio and a significant turnover.

Fausto was a professional volleyball player for 20 years, and that experience gave him a clear perception of the importance of teamwork, tenacity, healthy competitiveness, and success sharing.

people and the company structure have made the difference

With OnTime, we have been successful from the outset because people and the company structure have made the difference: clients trust our expertise and major players rely on us because they know they can count on a reliable and ground-breaking company

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