We use a GREEN approach
in our thinking and organisation

We share with our partners a vision of innovation and eco-friendliness.

We are working to gain ISO 14001 certification and use IT-based solutions to make corporate events more user-friendly and sustainable.

In this post-pandemic era, we are asked to evolve and adopt more advanced ways of thinking about the environment and industrial activities. We are aware of the revolutionary approach needed in the organisation of production processes and we are leading the way to implement it.

Innovation. Digitisation. Evolution.

OnTime with TreeByTree

With the purchase of 50,000 butterflies we have joined the TreeByTree initiative
We have planted 115 trees which will be used for the production of further badges.


We provide corporate events with environmentally friendly objects to reduce the use of paper and other polluting materials:

  • Green pens made of calcium carbonate, a naturally occurring mineral compound
  • Butterfly badges produced from FSC-certified materials. At the end of the event, we collect them in dedicated containers and include them in recovery cycles
  • Eco lanyards for badges. Made of PET plastic or FSC-certified paper
  • Brochures made of recycled paper and printed with zero-emission devices.
Avoid waste

Our software solutions aim to avoid waste, speed up performance and optimise post-event data processing times.

  • Digital event reports
  • Electronic voting platforms
  • Dedicated web apps with corporate event programmes
  • Interactive digital kiosks with 2D reader for paperless accreditation
  • Provision of IPads
  • Digital attendance certificates
  • Digital questionnaires and e-posters
  • Check-in app replacing paper-based attendance lists and offering real-time data synchronisation


In the On Time Ecosystem we believe that even the smallest
daily choices can make a significant difference in terms of environmental impact.

These are the corporate lifestyle choices that reflect our values:

  • Where paper is needed, we use recycled paper
  • In the office, we like to use personal water bottles instead of plastic bottles
  • We use hybrid transport vehicles for the delivery of materials to events
  • For meetings, we are happy to take advantage of the conference call mode to avoid unnecessary travel
  • We place bulk orders to reduce CO2 emissions
  • We carry out daily separate collection of materials needed by the company, such as batteries, toner, paper, plastic
  • We use organic products for office cleaning
  • We use environmentally friendly LED lighting
  • Even in our free time we make eco-friendly choices: our CEOs are passionate about sailing!

We design IT and technology solutions for events, congresses and meetings. Digital innovation is our compass.

Our corporate vision is constantly evolving. It takes shape by pooling our minds around a table to come up with ever newer solutions to serve the constantly evolving sector of corporate events.

We are like a regatta crew: a racing boat requires a concentration of manoeuvres, tactics, studying the race course and the action of the opponents. Only a crew made up of individuals who perform their tasks to the best of their ability and work in synergy has a chance to win the race.

We harness the wind, set the course, work as a team to achieve the goal: the success of our customers’ conference events.

The energy that emanates from our meetings naturally leads us to redefine and update the assets and balances of the ON TIME Ecosystem.

The pandemic has taught us to imagine no boundaries to the solutions we can put in place to ensure productive and engaging conference experiences for our customers.

Strengthened by our ability to evolve and grow in the face of all kinds of challenges, in these times marked by the urgency to change our lifestyles and production systems we have given the value of sustainability the strength to permeate our brand identity.

We did all this through

The creation of new partnerships sharing the same values

Lo The development of eco-friendly services

An update of our image.

To symbolise this new cycle, we implemented a minor restyling of our logo in a ‘green’
version and a new payoff, encapsulating our mission and strengths.

ONline, as we move towards digitisation and beyond.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art digital solutions, corporate events become increasingly high-performing, sustainable and engaging experiences, even with remote attendance.

ON site, because if we are there, the live event runs smoothly.

We install software and technological tools and set up the location to turn the convention into a unique experience.

Our name speaks of our ability to be on site and on the spot to resolve any critical issues, always on time.

A world of meanings concentrate in two short and clear words: LINE and SITE.
Two words, like the companies making up the Studio Visio Group.
Each word has four letters, like the number of members who gather around its meeting table.
Each word is preceded by ‘ON’ and ends with the letter ‘E’, which conjures up a sense of renewal, movement and growth.

This is us, this is our business idea, this is the course we have charted.

For a company like ours, made up of people, working for people and nourished by human capital, movement is the foundation and growth is the goal: we hope that On Time can continue to grow, and we can grow with it.